Transportation Motor Pool (TMP)
Directorate of Logistics (DOL), Fort Benning, Georgia

Today Fort Benning, Georgia is the Army’s largest training installation and one of the premier deployment platforms capable pf deploying soldiers, civilians, and units anywhere in the world at any time. The installation known as, “Home of the Infantry” covers more than 183,000 acres. It also has mountains available for training in Dahlonega, Georgia and swamp, river, and coastal training at Eglin Air Force Base and Camp Rutter, Florida.

At Fort Benning, ALOG Corporation operates and manages the Transportation Motor Pools (TMP) at the Main Post and Sand Hill. Located over 12 miles apart, these two operations provide the following services in support of the Directorate of Logistics (DOL).

  •  Transportation Automated Management System Operation
  • Vehicle Fleet Management and Recordkeeping.
  • Vehicle Issue and Dispatch
    • GSA Fleet
    • Leased Vehicles
  • Passenger and Cargo Services
    • Bus, Truck, 80 PAX Troop Buses
    • Fort Benning, Remote Camps, Airfields
    • Deployments, Redeployments, Training Exercises, Post Shuttle Bus Service, Medical Shuttle Bus Service
  • Vehicle Recovery and Emergency Roadside Service
  • Vehicle Facilities and Equipment Maintenance
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • POL Operations
  • Credit Card Management
  • Vehicle Fleet Asset Management
  • Drivers Operator Training and Testing
    • Truck and Bus
    • Defensive Driver Course, Defensive Driver Renewal Course, Advanced Driver Education, Bus Training, USAREUR Driver Training and Testing for Military and POV Operator Licensing, Physical Evaluations
  • Truck and Bus License Issue and Control


ALOG Corporation’s team of professionals is dedicated to providing responsive and timely TMP support services to Ft. Benning on a 24/7 basis. We are proud to be an integral member of Team DOL and a subcontractor to ITT.